Biomes –

Biomes are relatively small, but have unique characteristics.

You can access any biome at any time – you simply just have to build a path there.

Different types of seeds and AI spawn in different biomes.

Enemies –

The enemies will damage the player, and will send the player flying if they get kicked / punched.

The player has a laser and a rechargeable area attack to fend off and kill enemies.

Enemies drop rare seeds and points.

Farming –

Once you hit a certain altitude and unlock the farm as buildable option you pant the seeds you find in the biomes / AI drops.

After a few minutes, those seeds will grow into a harvestable resource.

The harvested items you collect from your farm can be traded in at the Upgrade Station for character upgrades.


[ V.A.S.T ] Vaporwave Aesthetic Simulator Tycoon
What is it?

V.A.S.T is a local co-op building and resource farming game.

Each item you place cost points and increases the points you gain per second.

There is an altitude based reward system which will double the points you earn per second with each goal.

As you climb you will discover new items to build with, new AI to play with, character upgrades and ‘biomes’ to explore.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will continue to release more gameplay footage. Though in the meantime – we have a suggestions forum set up for any ideas the community has to make the gameplay more engaging  click here.

Oh and yeah, free beta coming out soon for those who register!!


Wave Mechanics in the first level / starter biome