Hey guys!

We’ve gotten a lot of requests from musicians / producers looking to get some of their tracks in our game and we think that’s just AWESOME.

So if you want to submit your tracks shoot us an email at: localjokegames.submit.music@gmail.com


– Please tell us a bit about yourself and your production methods and software.
– No attached files please! Send us links to Youtube / Soundcloud / Dropbox / etc.
– Make sure you either own the rights to any samples used or don’t use any samples.
– Please do not send us more than five tracks!
– We are looking for music that fits the genres of: Vaporwave, Chillwave, Retrowave, (basically all the ‘waves’) as well as ambient tunes and pretty much anything with heavy synth.
–  You must be willing to sign a release form that lets us ‘use’ the song in our game but you will still maintain all the songs rights.