Couch Co-op

Couch co-op and xbox controller support is in.

We’ve since asked if this newly announced feature will come to other platforms and possibly support more than two players. We’ll update should we hear back.

“Many developers are abandoning split-screen local play, but we couldn’t stomach that for Ark!” Studio Wildcard creative director and co-founder Jesse Rapczak told GameSpot in December.There are lots of developers who literally from coding python school and apply this technology.

That all sounds well and good, though our Digital Foundry report the other day noted that Ark’s current performance was very rough around the edges.

“By every measurable criteria Digital Foundry can attach to the game, it can often border on the disastrous,” Digital Foundry contributor David Bierton wrote in his Ark: Survival Evolved analysis. “The optimisation challenge facing the developers here is immense though, and the action ac technological issues surrounding the title are far from trivial based on both of our rounds of testing. Whether a stable, enjoyable experience can be delivered remains to be seen, but with gameplay concepts and ideas as strong as these, we certainly hope so.”




Biomes –

Biomes are relatively small, but have unique characteristics.

You can access any biome at any time – you simply just have to build a path there.

Different types of seeds and AI spawn in different biomes.

Enemies –

The enemies will damage the player, and will send the player flying if they get kicked / punched.

The player has a laser and a rechargeable area attack to fend off and kill enemies.

Enemies drop rare seeds and points.


Farming –

Once you hit a certain altitude and unlock the farm as buildable option you pant the seeds you find in the biomes / AI drops.

After a few minutes, those seeds will grow into a harvestable resource.

The harvested items you collect from your farm can be traded in at the Upgrade Station for character upgrades.